Your start at Bain!

Joining Bain will be your start into an extraordinary career. We always have openings for best-of-class graduates from all fields and promising candidates who have gained some professional experience. New recruits should share our passion for entrepreneurial thinking and action and for tangible results.

In return, we offer challenging assignments, responsibility at an early stage, an international environment, a unique corporate culture, excellent development opportunities – and lots of fun. Are you ready?

Career levels

For anyone eager to move up and achieve more, our career levels offer entry points and development options that fit candidates’ individual needs.


  • Associate Consultant Intern

As a bachelor's student from the 4th semester, master's student or doctoral student, you have the opportunity to get to know Bain's project work as part of an internship for 10 to 12 weeks. You are a full member of your project team right from the start. 


  • Summer Associate

MBA students from renowned business schools can participate in our 10-week summer associate program. You’ll gain first-hand experience with the consulting work on client projects and be able to tackle complex business challenges. If your performance is outstanding, we’ll hold a consultant position for you once you’ve completed your MBA.


  • Associate Consultant

If you’ve graduated from university with a bachelor's or master's degree, your entry level is Associate Consultant. You’ll work for different clients from a range of industries, which enables you to build a broad knowledge base as a generalist. In everyday project work, you’ll take on responsibility for specific project modules with support from a more experienced colleague.


  • Consultant

You have earned a PhD or MBA (in addition to your university degree) or bring some relevant professional experience? In that case, you’ll typically join us in the role of Consultant. At this level, you’ll take on full responsibility for project modules, building management skills in various industries. 


  • Manager

After two to three years’ project experience as a consultant, you’ll typically be promoted to Manager. In this role, you’ll be in charge for client projects and have plenty of opportunities to lead teams and expand your leadership skills.


  • Senior manager

As a Senior Manager with Bain, you’ll be responsible for leading entire project teams, and be the primary management contact for day-to-day communication with clients’ decision makers.


  • Associate partner

As an Associate Partner, in addition to leading projects and winning new clients, you’ll be responsible for mentoring and developing more junior colleagues.


  • partner

As a Bain Partner, you’ll be part of our firm’s management team. Together with the other Partners, you’ll be responsible for strategic growth as well as for maintaining and expanding client relationships. Thanks to your long-standing consulting experience, you’ll have built in-depth expertise in your field of practice.


Our talent program SPARK is aimed at everyone who is still at the beginning of their career planning but would like to shine now.


Our Spark talent program is aimed at anyone who is still at the beginning of their career planning but wants to shine now.

Build your own bain

A job that offers a rich learning experience and countless attractive opportunities: At Bain, you’ll be able to shape your career according to your needs and preferences. Want to see what this might look like in practice? Here’s Sabrina, talking about her career at Bain.

If you’re motivated to keep developing further, Bain will always support you – no matter what your professional interests are.

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The Power of 4 -
Your gap year program

Are you ready for the next step in your career? The gap year program from Bain, Audi, FC Bayern, P&G and Deutsche Telekom offers the unique opportunity to complete four different internships with top international employers during one year.

Red carpet - the career program for high potentials

You don't like to let outstanding talents go! With the exclusive Red Carpet career program, we want to approach above-average students at an early stage so that we can stay in contact with them throughout their studies.


Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about our work and your application at Bain. Do you have any further questions?

Then please contact our recruiting hotline on +49 89 5123 1999.