Red Carpet Career Bain Company

the career program for high potentials

Recognizing, promoting and winning talent - With Red Carpet we offer above-average students an exclusive program to get to know us even better, to exchange ideas personally and to benefit from selected training and insights.

about the program

Red Carpet is aimed at selected students with a strong professional profile, academic excellence and a convincing personality. With the career program, we want to approach outstanding talent at an early stage, support them and stay in close contact with them throughout their studies. Admission to the program is by invitation and is granted, for example, after participation in one of our numerous Events pronounced.

This is what awaits YOU

Red Carpet offers students the opportunity to expand their Bain experience and benefit from a steep learning curve. Through a variety of program items, such as training courses and exclusive events, the members get to know us even better, expand their network and benefit from unique insights into consulting.