Paul, consultant

Master's degree in management

"Bain culture is characterized by an extraordinary sense of togetherness."

What makes Bain special for you?
Customers confirm that project work with Bain is special for two main reasons: On the one hand, we develop conceptual solutions together and on an equal footing with our customers. On the other hand, we attach great importance to the feasibility of these solutions in the individual context of the customer.
What was your most extraordinary experience at Bain?
The ACT (first global training for associate consultants) in Richmond, USA – that's where I spent a semester abroad as part of my bachelor's degree. Neither the city of Richmond nor the university is exceptionally large, and there are only a small number of companies with international renown. So there are few reasons that a business trip from Europe would take me there. In this respect, it was an extraordinary coincidence for me that my first international Bain training fell on this exact spot.
How is your individual support and feedback regulated?

The feedback culture at Bain is very open and transparent. In the so-called "Personal Development Chats" (PD Chats) and reviews, strengths and development potential are discussed. You can also get feedback from colleagues and superiors at any time outside of this. Topics outside of the project work can be discussed with the personal colleague or with the mentor. Everyone is always willing to take the time to cater to individual needs of any nature.