Catherine, consultant

Bachelors in International Management

"Nowhere else is so much invested in my individual development."

How did you find out about Bain?
I first came into contact with Bain during a lecture at my university. A current study was presented there and the contents were quickly discussed in a lively manner. I really liked the exciting insights into the project work and that the results were discussed so openly with us students. I particularly remember the fact that we were asked to question things critically right from the start. That was what made me excited about working as a consultant at Bain ever since.
What do you appreciate about your job as a consultant at Bain?
I firmly believe that as a consultant at Bain I have chosen the right job for me. Nowhere else have I seen so much being invested in my individual development, both professionally and personally. Be it national and international training, be it through personal coaching by team members or through the ever-changing issues I deal with in the context of the projects. I always look forward to new challenges because I know I have Bain's full support in every way.
How does Bain support you in your individual career planning?

A year after joining Bain as an Associate Consultant, I went on leave of absence for 2 years to complete an additional degree in psychology. Bain supported me all along the line and responded to my individual needs. It was important to me to maintain contact with my colleagues during this time. For example, I continued to support recruiting events or helped out on internal projects. During the more stressful exam times, I even moved my place of study to the office from time to time, where a short game of table football or a coffee helped to motivate me to learn. So I can wholeheartedly confirm that Bain invests a great deal in individual development - both on a professional and personal level.