International flagship event


International flagship event

Experience consulting, rethinking sustainability

Plastic waste is a global environmental problem that affects every corner of the world. Year after year more plastic is produced for products and packaging. A development that has serious consequences: millions of tons of plastic end up in the sea every year and threaten the underwater world. At our international flagship event Bainworks 2022, we will take up this topic with the case study "Ending plastic waste" and look forward to your ideas!

On October 21-23, 2022 you support a non-profit-organization in developing a strategy, such as plastic waste under the motto "reduce, reuse, recycle". Working with students from 17 participating countries, you'll have the opportunity to tackle the plastic waste challenge, broaden your experience, and demonstrate your consulting skills.

Look forward to an exciting multi-day event, at which you'll learn about how we work, meet several Bainies, and have the opportunity to talk to them personally about their individual career paths. Find out what makes working at Bain so special; exchange experiences and views with participants from countries such as Spain, Finland, and South Africa.

On top of that, we'll offer some insights into our sustainability and social impact activities – both in our daily consulting work and beyond. Around the world, Bainies are busy investing time and talent to help create solutions to economic, social, and environmental problems, and to make a difference.

Date & Location

October 21-23, 2022 – Lisbon

Target group

This event is for outstanding university students (from the 4th Bachelor's semester onwards), PhD students, and young professionals from all fields.

How to apply

The application deadline for Bainworks has already expired. All applicants can expect to hear back about their application by mid-October.

Events agenda

Friday, October 16, 2020

Start 4:00 p.m


Saturday, October 17th, 2020


END APPROX. 6:00 p.m

Content of the workshop

Plastic waste threatens the habitats of humans, animals, and plants – which constitutes a major challenge, as plastics have become an indispensable part of our everyday lives. Via ships, rivers, sewers, beaches, and wind, these slow-degrading materials end up in the oceans – with severe consequences: Marine animals, from the smallest creatures to huge whales, endure a torturous death after swallowing plastic parts or getting caught in them. What’s more, the toxins contained in those plastics are shared through the food chain, ultimately engine up in the human organism.

Our client in this case study is a non-profit organizationeager to put an end to this. With Bain's help, they want to develop a strategy to encourage investments in new recycling technologies. In an interactive workshop, you'll work with your team to get an overview of the various technologies available, as well as their economics, then develop an appropriate solution to attract and inspire investors. You'll analyze the profitability and future viability of the technologies you favor, and help your client to protect the oceans and life underwater.

We are convinced: Working together, we can stop the plastic flood. Are you ready for this challenge?

I am happy to answer your questions personally.
Lisa Gasseldorfer, Recruiting Associate


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BAINWORKS 2018 in Barcelona

event team

dr Silvia Bergman, partner

I'm Silvia and I joined Bain over 10 years ago. I work in the field of private equity and work with our clients on due diligence and value creation projects in various sectors. My focus is on assets in the areas of consumer goods/retail, business and financial industry services and healthcare. I studied business administration at HHL Leipzig and did my doctorate at the University of St. Gallen. I found my way to Bain through an internship. What drives me then as now? Very easily! That we lead the way here and drive things: in working with our customers, in a team, in my own professional development and with flexible working models that allow me to combine an inspiring business responsibility with responsibility for my family.

dr Bettina Fussbroich, Case Team Leader

I'm Bettina and I've been with Bain for over 6 years. I support clients in the areas of consumer goods, private equity and financial services - primarily in organizational and IT projects. What makes the work special for me? The opportunity to work with exciting people every day and learn from each other - on the customer side and with Bainies. I also appreciate the unique flexibility of the project work, be it through longer breaks or flexible working time models. Before joining Bain, I did my doctorate at the German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg and studied biology at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich. I also have an undergraduate degree in economics. I'm married and have two kids.


We are looking for outstanding students (from the 4th Bachelor semester onwards), PhD students, and young professionals from all fields. In addition to excellent grades, you should have strong analytical skills as well as some international and practical experience.

Please submit your CV and a letter of motivation (200 words max.). Under "transcript," plase upload your high school diploma, your university certificate(s) and your letter(s) of reference. You can submit your documents in German or English.

Please write to Lisa Gasseldorfer.

The application deadline for Bainworks 2022 is September 12, 2022.

You can expect a notification from the beginning of October.

You certainly can. Note that selection criteria are the same for all countries; some countries expect fluency in the respective local language.

Bainworks will be all in English, as there will be participants from 17 participating countries.

No, we cover your costs for arrival and departure, accommodation and meals.

No, an invitation to an event does not automatically qualify you for a permanent or intern position. What it does mean is that we consider you a potentially attractive candidate.

Absolutely. We look forward to receiving your application anytime!