Patrick, Senior Manager

Bachelors in Business Administration

"Bain offers exactly the challenge I was looking for."

What qualities should an applicant have at Bain?
Applicants should be interested in facing new challenges every day that come with the consulting business. Excellent mathematical understanding and analytical judgment are just as important as a result-oriented approach to problems. Last but not least, team players are wanted, elbow mentality is out of place.
What contribution does Bain make to your personal development?
All doors are open to me. Regular national and international training courses help me to advance professionally and personally. Above all, I see opportunities for development in the structured feedback discussions. They help me to develop my strengths and fully exploit optimization potential. Finally, the various scholarship programs financially supported by Bain allow me to continue my academic education with a master's or MBA or to gain experience outside of Bain for a certain period of time, e.g. in a start-up or in development projects.
What was the most spectacular event you've experienced at Bain so far?
The 2018 Bain World Cup in London. Almost 2,000 Bainies from all over the world came to compete in football, volleyball and rugby, as they do every year. The sporting commitment was of course also duly celebrated. The party location was unique. Drinks, music and talks between a 25 meter long blue whale and a completely preserved stegosaur skeleton - there is hardly a more impressive place than the Natural History Museum!