Deike, Associate Partner

MBA with Sloan School of Management

"My colleagues inspire me every day and I can learn an incredible amount from them."

How did your application to Bain come about?

After my MBA, I wanted to broaden my horizons. I saw that opportunity at Bain. The questions we are asked are very different and complex. It's exactly the kind of challenge that motivates me every day. Our market-leading position in advising private equity companies and thus the opportunity to look at companies from an investor's perspective was also a criterion for applying to Bain.

What responsibilities do you have in your role as Associate Partner?

As an associate partner, I lead project teams, am the primary contact for the customer and am at the center of the content design. The threads for solving the problem of the overall project come together with me. Orchestrating the work packages and formulating an overall result is the most exciting part of my job. Another very fulfilling role is being a coach and mentor to my team members. Even beyond the projects, close mentor relationships often develop, which I really enjoy.

How do you assess your further professional development at Bain?

Different national and international training and support programs at every career level give me the opportunity to develop myself further. In addition, Bain is characterized by a strong feedback culture. Six-monthly performance reviews provide the necessary feedback for optimal further development. I also appreciate the exchange with my mentor, who is always by my side with dedicated, individual feedback and tips.